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March e-News


Dear friends,

"I used to think before to talk, now I can talk without think too much."

Jeniffer can now have a conversation in English without planning her remarks ahead of time - or translating back and forth in her head. If you've ever worked to learn a new language, you know what an achievement that is! And that's led to another triumph for Jeniffer, just this week - find out what...

Believe it or not, the end of the spring semester is on the horizon, and we're planning for summer. Throughout all the busyness of these past weeks, you've made so much learning happen for the hundreds of students coming through the doors every week. And we are thankful!

March news for MAM volunteers at Literacy Advance:

Click here to see ALL the news for March.

Our classrooms are full. But our hearts are fuller! Your generosity is unstinting and your kindness towards our students makes life brighter. Thank you, thank you!

Kathryn Bauchelle
MAM Literacy Advance

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