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Literacy Advance Honors Comcast and John Bourke as "Champions of Literacy"

HOUSTON, September 9, 2011 - What does it take to change a life? To make a resolution and stick with it? Entrepreneur, author, and Literacy Champion John Bourke knows. His influence John Bourke - 2011 Champion of Literacystrategies have reached across the globe, touching the lives of everyone he meets, including Fortune 500 executives, world leaders, and community volunteers - and he's willing to share his wisdom with attendees at Literacy Advance of Houston's Champions of Literacy luncheon on Wednesday, October 12 at the Norris Conference Center in CityCentre.

"I believe that a community's commitment to the literacy of its citizens is foundational to local and global prosperity, vitality, wellness, civility and sustainability," said Bourke. "Literacy is a complex challenge requiring an influence campaign capable of overwhelming status quo behaviors that keep the cause of literacy from surfacing as a priority."

Bourke recognizes that change - any change - is difficult. Even something as simple as flossing three times daily, he says. No matter how relatively easy it is, not to mention inexpensive, two thirds of adults do not floss regularly (National Center for Biotechnology Information).

"Anytime there is a clear case for change that evades us (individually or collectively) there are several forces at play that keep status quo deeply entrenched," said Bourke. "When we shine light on these forces and diagnose how each contributes to making change seemingly impossible, we can then begin crafting an array of strategies to overwhelm any challenge."

At the luncheon, Bourke will discuss six sources of influence that impact a person's ability and motivation to change behavior, whether it is, "to floss regularly, to lose weight, to break free of debt or to make literacy a priority and a call to action for each member of the community."

"By examining the a) personal, b) social and c) environmental factors that both motivate and enable us to change, we discover precisely what is required to shift community mindsets around tough challenges," he said.

Literacy Advance will also be honoring Comcast, a corporation that is taking Comcast logopositive strides to increase literacy throughout the country. Following Bourke's presentation at the luncheon, Comcast will be honored for their commitment to literacy in Houston.

Join Literacy Advance as we honor our local literacy leaders and take on Bourke's challenge to change and make a sustainable difference in our community through literacy education. You can find more information here, register here,  or call 713.266.8777 for further details.

Founded in 1964, Literacy Advance is Houston's oldest and largest volunteer-based literacy provider. The mission of Literacy Advance is to transform lives and communities through the doorway of literacy. The 501(c)(3) organization depends upon sponsorships, donations and fundraising events such as the Champions of Literacy Series to provide free literacy education throughout Houston.


Download a PDF of this press release.

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