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About Literacy Advance

The mission of Literacy Advance of Houston is to transform lives and communities through the doorway of literacy.

No one wants to improve their literacy "just because". Every adult who comes to us looking for help has a compelling reason for doing so.

Perhaps they've been passed over for promotion, because their writing skills aren't up to par.

Perhaps they've had anxious visits to the doctor, not able to read a prescription or follow the care instructions they were given. 

Perhaps the child who was a baby when mom and dad first came to the United States is now in the school system, and the parents know that their involvement in their daughter's learning is crucial to her success.

Reasons for wanting literacy classes are varied, but often involve family, or jobs, or both. And whatever the reason, our aim is to find out each student's learning goals and provide them with the personalized and practical assistance to help them reach those goals.

Since 1964, Literacy Advance has provided free English and reading classes to adults in Houston. Volunteer tutors make thousands of hours of learning possible every year, an astonishing feat for which we are enduringly grateful!

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