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April e-News

"I would not have survived."

Dear friends,

It takes most of us many years to finish our education. Imagine having to cram all that learning into just a few years. Now imagine trying to do that while also juggling a new homeland, finding a job, supporting a family.

Nelson never went to school. He had to start his learning from the absolute beginning, as an adult. He had every excuse in the world to feel overwhelmed, and give up.

But he didn't. And Nelson has not only survived - he has thrived. Thanks to the kindheartedness of friends like you, Nelson's story is one of triumph - and he's not done yet!

Highlights of our April news:

Read ALL the news for April, including this month's Top Tutor Tips.

Thank you! To use Nelson's words: "Your heart is there." Your boundless generosity helps so many people thrive. 


melanie fisk

Melanie Fisk
Chief Executive Officer
Literacy Advance of Houston

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