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03.31.2014 -
Teaching Financial Literacy at home and school: 56% of adults say they don't have a budget, and 40% say they don't know what they're doing and deserve a C, D or F on personal finance

03.28.2014 -
Health literacy can affect new parents' ability to protect infants from injury

03.25.2014 -
Trying to close a knowledge gap, word by word: Many parents, especially among poor and immigrants, do not know that talking, as well as reading, singing and playing with their young children, is important

03.25.2014 -
Texas improves school funding but still trails most states; Texas spends average of $8,998 per student, 46th among the 50 states and DC, well under national average of $11,674

02.26.2014 -
Press Release: Reader Cup a huge success!

02.20.2014 -
Too many working mothers in Texas trapped in low-wage jobs: Education, childcare critical in removing barriers to career advancement

02.7.2014 -
Press Release: Literacy Advance 'hearts' baseball legend Larry Dierker at Reader Cup, February 20 at TopGolf

01.30.2014 -
Growing divide between rich and poor in Texas: Race, ethnicity and education all contribute to Texas ranking 5th in nation for income inequality

01.29.2014 -
Global school literacy report shock: Schooling no guarantee of literacy; many young people who have spent just a few years in school don't develop literacy skills

01.27.2014 -
View from Ireland: Literacy is key to keeping children from life of disadvantage and crime; link between educational underachievement, social empowerment and drug crime is real and complex

01.26.2014 -
How to encourage literacy in young children: In an increasingly technological world, bedtime stories are more important than ever, say child literacy experts

01.23.2014 -
Expert: Texas school funding remains inadequate; testified that $5.4 billion in classroom funding cuts in 2011 have left schools unable to prepare students for lofty high school graduation requirements

01.22.2014 -
What the federal budget deal means for STEM, literacy, and arts education

01.21.2014 -
Texas state education officials say three of every four high school juniors who took key round of tests are on track to graduate

01.15.2014 -
Former First Lady - and First Lady of Literacy - inspires kids, promotes literacy, reads across the world

01.14.2014 -
Secret to health isn't health care: Non-medical factors, like less poverty, greater literacy, better housing and nutrition, have greatest impact

01.13.2014 -
Building a Foundation for Literacy: Less than half of children between o and 5 are read to every day by family; 44 out of 50 children having trouble learning to read in kindergarten will still be having trouble in 3rd grade

01.10.2014 -
Recent report from Texas Education Agency shows number of Texas public schools falling short of standards doubled in 2013 from 2012, from 456 to 892, because of strict new standards

01.9.2014 -
Got young children? Read this simple 5 step guide to organizing your home to promote literacy

01.7.2014 -
Texas woman complete 15-year quest to achieve GED, before testing system changes significantly in 2014

01.5.2014 -
Financial planning can be scary, overwhelming and complicated, but financial literacy is a 'fundamental human right'

12.31.2013 -
A New Year's Resolution you can't afford to miss - resolve to read with your kids in 2014

12.27.2013 -
Texas high school teachers fight plan to scale back social studies; claim 'social studies provides a training ground for 21st-century skills'

12.23.2013 -
Delay on part of uninsured to buy health insurance may be because 60% struggle with insurance concepts, US survey indicates

12.22.2013 -
Decoding, oral comprehension, vocabulary: three key literacy skills for primary schools in priority areas. Could this help with early intervention?

12.21.2013 -
There are currently more than 30 million adults in the United States whose ability to read, write, and do basic math is at or below the level of the average third grader. So where is the funding and the support?

12.19.2013 -
School leaders, including HISD's Daniel Gohl, talk with NPR about what determines student success

12.18.2013 -
Over the last decade, students in Houston have improved in math, but reading is another story. 'We have areas of deep concern particularly in literacy.'

12.16.2013 -
Number of new teachers in Texas has dropped sharply during the last four years; education observers have identified several reasons for decline

12.15.2013 -
'Hour of Code' is all about literacy: Understanding creative choices helps students with critical thinking, reading and writing, understanding author motivations

12.11.2013 -
Literacy Advance volunteer Larry Dierker talks all things golf and Astros, with Sean Pendergast and John Granato

12.10.2013 -
Literacy doesn't mean what you think: Our understanding of literacy has evolved, moving from the literacy/illiteracy dichotomy of the 1980s to a more nuanced understanding of levels of literacy and the importance of lifelong learning

12.4.2013 -
Texas is changing how it evaluates teachers. What will that look like? The state's education commissioner and others weigh in on what new system might include

12.4.2013 -
Harry Potter author JK Rowling becomes one of UKs first Literacy Heroes

12.4.2013 -
Health Literacy concerns: Many patients identify blood pressure medications by shape, size and color instead of by name; may be at risk for poor blood pressure control and a higher risk of hospitalization

12.3.2013 -
Astro's legend Larry Dierker plans golf event for a good cause - and that cause is us!!

11.27.2013 -
Bush, Goossen: Numbers around literacy in Houston are stark; we need to act to turn these numbers around

11.24.2013 -
Texans warned of private high schools peddling useless diplomas; students in search of a quick fix pay money for worthless credentials

11.19.2013 -
Literacy crisis in middle schools demands professional development in key teaching areas; adolescents who have no trouble reading individual words often struggle to understand full texts across various disciplines

11.15.2013 -
A look at Texas' 2013 scores on the Nation's Report Card

11.15.2013 -
Former Texas county sheriff helps educate jail inmates

11.14.2013 -
Barbara Bush, one of Houston's leading activists for literacy, presents Point of Light award

11.13.2013 -
Literacy depends on nurture, not nature: Country and school far more significant than individual characteristics, when comparing children who can read with those who cannot

11.13.2013 -
Media Literacy for young children: Essential for school success in today's world

11.13.2013 -
NASA offering high school juniors in Texas opportunity to explore interests in space careers through High School Aerospace Scholars program

11.12.2013 -
'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Texas Academic Outcomes': Report finds areas where significant improvement is needed, and achievable

11.7.2013 -
Texas libraries face federal funding cuts of up to 70 percent

11.7.2013 -
Texas public school students continue to lag behind the national average in reading scores, according to National Assessment of Education Progress scores

11.5.2013 -
Press Release: Literacy Advance sees Golden Opportunity in 50th Anniversary Year

11.5.2013 -
Getting your child excited about reading and books: Parents should lead by example

11.4.2013 -
Is a teacher shortage looming in Texas? In 2012, teacher certifications in Texas plunged 24 percent

11.3.2013 -
Part 4 of 4: Adding up the cost of low literacy among adults

11.2.2013 -
Part 3 of 4: How to turn adult education into careers, quickly: Linking class material to essential job skills and language key to success

11.1.2013 -
Part 2 of 4: What it takes (and means) to learn English as an adult: Immigrants see English as key to better life, but gaining proficiency is difficult among everyday obligations

10.31.2013 -
Part 1 of 4: Turning the page on illiteracy, adults go back to class: 30 million adults in the US have trouble with basic literacy, affecting jobs, lives, future

10.25.2013 -
Two-minute health literacy test for patients might improve doctor communication; doctors don't always realize when patients are confused

10.20.2013 -
Digital literacy: How soon should kids learn to use touch screens? Educators say digital literacy comes offline, grounded in real communication

10.18.2013 -
How Texas curriculum standards will work under new education law; 'endorsements' in specialty areas like science and engineering, business and industry, fine arts, humanities suggested

10.18.2013 -
Sesame Workshop debuts childhood literacy program; launches 'Every Day is a Reading and Writing Day' in Dallas

10.16.2013 -
Opinion: Increased oversight, reduced funding threaten public education; USA now slipping in educational attainment compared to other industrialized nations

10.15.2013 -
Opinion: Librarians are more than book clerks; students need school librarians to thrive in a 21st century economy and to become independent, lifelong learners

10.12.2013 -
15 Literacy Favorites for Fall: Books to read, crafts to make, and other literacy-related activities that suit the season

10.11.2013 -
Texas A+M closing achievement gap for English language learners, aiming for same academic achievement and success in school as their mainstream peers

10.11.2013 -
What can bilingual education do for Houston's kids? Making the most of 'linguistic capital' and one of the largest international populations in the country

10.9.2013 -
American adults score poorly on global test, scoring below the international average in math, reading, and problem-solving using technology

10.8.2013 -
Lack of job skills threatens economy, with literacy, facility with numbers and ability to adapt to new technologies among strongest indicators of earning power

10.8.2013 -
Reading is good for your health; compared with gender, age, education and income, literacy is variable with strongest correlation with self-perceived health

10.7.2013 -
A year after being shot by Taliban, education advocate Malala Yousafzai addresses UN: I believe in peace, I believe in mercy

10.6.2013 -
A book is worth more than 1,000 hours of TV: Camp Literacy students learn it pays to read

10.5.2013 -
Latest news from Literacy Advance!

10.5.2013 -
In spending $180 million on tutoring help, much misuse

10.3.2013 -
Government shutdown hasn't impacted schools - for now

10.2.2013 -
October is Health Literacy Month: The high cost of medical illiteracy

09.30.2013 -
Texas gets waiver from No Child Left Behind

09.28.2013 -
View from Ethiopia: Tablets without teachers improving literacy

09.27.2013 -
Global literacy initiative pledges books for 10 million children

09.26.2013 -
Texas sees number of students taking SAT climb, but scores remain below national average

09.25.2013 -
Texas children would benefit from President's plan to expand early education with tobacco tax increase, new report shows

09.23.2013 -
Comcast's Internet Essentials connects nearly 11,000 low-income Houston-area families to the internet

09.18.2013 -
Improving literacy would boost our economic outlook

09.18.2013 -
H-E-B's Read 3 kicks off Texas-sized book drive

09.17.2013 -
Therapy Dog helps children improve literacy skills

09.16.2013 -
Texas A+M to improve early literacy skills for at-risk kindergarten students

09.15.2013 -
Understanding a child's language and literacy development

09.14.2013 -
7 ways to teach digital literacy skills

09.14.2013 -
Texas authors, literacy promoted at Book Fest

09.13.2013 -
Health Literacy could reduce Medicare expenses

09.10.2013 -
World Literacy Day: Why be literate?

09.10.2013 -
Mayor: The Houston public library card, your 'smartest' card

09.9.2013 -
Feds deny Texas request for waiver on No Child Left Behind requirements

09.8.2013 -
Raising literacy in the community raises us all

09.7.2013 -
Literacy plays critical role in fight against poverty

09.6.2013 -
International Literacy Day tips and ideas

09.5.2013 -
Embedded literacy and numeracy education upskills prisoners

09.5.2013 -
Study: Millennials set to be most educated generation ever

09.4.2013 -
Education Secretary: Later start to school day could benefit students

08.31.2013 -
Dogs take a bite out of Houston's chronic reading problem: Animals remove the fear from learning

08.31.2013 -
Auditor says state vulnerable to school cheating

08.29.2013 -
Texas educators taking new approach to college readiness

08.29.2013 -
Texas faces more scrutiny over grading school districts using A to F model

08.26.2013 -
Back to School: To promote literacy, make learning to read enjoyable

08.23.2013 -
Facebook's new venture: Spreading literacy, spreading internet

08.20.2013 -
Texas schools join forces in bid to help minority males

08.18.2013 -
Study shows Texas kids segregated by language

08.18.2013 -
Texas program aims to make education fun, get kids 'All In' college

08.18.2013 -
Seeing is thinking, feeling, understanding: let's not neglect visual literacies

08.15.2013 -
Week 1 of School: Selling the value of literacy

08.14.2013 -
Social media: Why the case for teaching digital literacy is so compelling

08.14.2013 -
Opinion: What is literacy in the 21st century?

08.13.2013 -
Study shows Jim Crow-era segregation persists in Texas schools

08.9.2013 -
Literacy program encourages students to read, avoid summer slide

08.8.2013 -
Texas Education Agency releases 2013 accountability ratings

08.7.2013 -
1 in 5 HISD schools falls short in new ratings

08.6.2013 -
Picture books DO boost literacy: It doesn't matter what you read to your children as long they are interested in the story

08.6.2013 -
Telling stories are the stepping stones to literacy

08.5.2013 -
From Detroit to Manila, literacy is a life raft to independence

08.5.2013 -
Health Literacy: Solving the mystery of 'medical speak'

08.3.2013 -
Houston Food Bank helping promote literacy

08.3.2013 -
TEA provides school districts and charters more information regarding assessment transitions

07.29.2013 -
The time is now: Moving from financially illiterate to financially literate

07.29.2013 -
L.A. County literacy initiative, 'Freedom School', reaches juvenile offenders

07.27.2013 -
News Literacy Project helps students sort media fact from fiction

07.26.2013 -
GIA collaborates with Nelson Mandela Foundation on literacy program

07.24.2013 -
'I can't read my high school diploma': Why literacy standards are falling across America

07.21.2013 -
Tips and advice to encourage a love of reading in your child

07.19.2013 -
Ideas for parents: Literacy means reading AND writing

07.18.2013 -
How to promote literacy and skilled communication

07.15.2013 -
3 pre-literacy skills your preschooler needs, and how to make it happen

07.15.2013 -
45 Texas professors sign letter in support of lower student loan interest rates

07.15.2013 -
How Scholastic sells literacy to generations of new readers

07.12.2013 -
Houston non-profit builds libraries in Uganda

07.11.2013 -
US Supreme Court upholds value of diversity in higher education

07.11.2013 -
Perry Veto: TX superintendents disappointed education bill didn't pass

07.11.2013 -
Unravelling literacy myths

07.6.2013 -
Texas students struggle to pass STAAR exams - again and again

07.5.2013 -
Media Literacy in the 21st century

07.1.2013 -
Could you pass the 'literacy' test given to black voters in the 1960s?

06.29.2013 -
Supreme Court sends back Texas race-based college admissions plan

06.29.2013 -
Opinion: Leaven financial 'literacy' with wisdom

06.28.2013 -
Opinion: Texas needs higher ed infrastructure to thrive

06.25.2013 -
Literacy: The dangers of falling behind

06.24.2013 -
Test scores highlight ineffective Texas school funding

06.24.2013 -
Texas among worst 10 states to be a kid

06.20.2013 -
Texas superintendents weigh in on vetoed education bills

06.19.2013 -
New high school graduation requirements passed in Texas

06.19.2013 -
Shelter, literacy and food security focus for Mandela Day 2013

06.18.2013 -
School's out in Houston, and Creative Writing Camp is in session

06.17.2013 -
Supreme Court weighs whether race or class is barrier to education

06.17.2013 -
Literacy 2.0: A digital gap between kids and parents

06.16.2013 -
Tragedy of child brides impacts literacy, among much more

06.15.2013 -
Dad, redesigned: Family literacy program a path to better parenting

06.13.2013 -
View from India: Literacy has greater impact on public health than increasing average income

06.11.2013 -
Low 'digital literacy' still holding some consumers back from a life online

06.10.2013 -
Governor Perry signs high school curriculum, testing bill

06.9.2013 -
To improve child literacy, teach the adults

06.6.2013 -
Girl Rising: Sisters go to school instead of the dump

06.6.2013 -
22 ingenious maps that show how Americans speak English totally differently

06.6.2013 -
Silicon Valley's immigrant janitors learning English at work

06.5.2013 -
Letter: Texas public education system needs repairs to get on track

06.5.2013 -
Hutchison says governments should invest in higher education

06.4.2013 -
America's grade for Financial Literacy: F

06.3.2013 -
Houston teen journalist writes: Program utilizes poetry to give local students a voice

05.31.2013 -
Save the Children Report: Malnutrition linked to low literacy

05.31.2013 -
Five ways to improve literacy learning (that work better than high-stakes tests)

05.27.2013 -
Logjam breaks on Texas education reforms

05.25.2013 -
Texas Senate OKs budget with increases to education, mental health services

05.24.2013 -
Opinion: Texas Education Bill would help immigrant English learners

05.24.2013 -
Prison reading program connects fathers

05.23.2013 -
Houston population growth shows no sign of waning

05.23.2013 -
SMS-based literacy program: Education may be just a text message away

05.23.2013 -
Financial Literacy myth debunked: Women CAN manage their money

05.22.2013 -
Texas school builds on proven link between exercise and improved academic results

05.21.2013 -
Literacy Advance tutor Larry Dierker back in the fold with the Astros

05.21.2013 -
Health literature is too complex for most patients to grasp, study shows

05.19.2013 -
Popular movies with same-language subtitles can help children improve literacy

05.18.2013 -
Opinion: Getting it right for Texas students, employers

05.17.2013 -
Weak financial literacy scores threaten a global education movement

05.16.2013 -
Beating illiteracy: Houston agencies address the problem

05.16.2013 -
Children who read on iPads or Kindles have weaker literacy skills and are less likely to enjoy it as a pastime, charity warns

05.15.2013 -
Report: Cost of low health literacy to US = $106 billion to $236 billion

05.13.2013 -
Poverty as disease: 'Poverty damages children's dispositions and blunts their brains'

05.10.2013 -
Obama to Texas students: 'We're poised for progress'

05.10.2013 -
Putting literacy at the head of the line

05.10.2013 -
Castro, wife begin initiative for literacy in Houston

05.10.2013 -
Bauer College of Business graduate launches literacy non-profit

05.9.2013 -
National Center for Family Literacy announces partnership with US Department of Education to advance family engagement

05.6.2013 -
Texas Senate OKs testing standards overhaul

05.3.2013 -
Students can't resist multi-tasking, and it's impairing their memory

05.3.2013 -
Explosive growth of Hispanics in Texas brings dramatic changes to schools

05.1.2013 -
Can making data beautiful engage patients and boost health literacy?

04.29.2013 -
Digital literacy and the Boston bombings

04.29.2013 -
Costly demolition, rebuild likely for West intermediate, high schools

04.24.2013 -
Newly-formed Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation reveals plans to tackle low literacy in Houston

04.24.2013 -
US News and World Report: Six Houston high schools among top 100 in US

04.23.2013 -
CultureMap Promo: The Changing Faces of Houston, this Friday at Discovery Green

04.23.2013 -
Texas Education Commissioner's new school ratings emphasize minority progress

04.21.2013 -
Barbara Bush reveals an unexpected marital woe in a $2.1 million night for reading: Can't contain the sock man

04.21.2013 -
Opinion: Don't lower Texas educational standards

04.20.2013 -
Seeking to pare standardized tests, legislators take aim at testing firm

04.19.2013 -
Opinion: Educational reform in Texas calls for different solutions

04.17.2013 -
View from Asia: Educating a girl can save the world

04.16.2013 -
Schools demanding News Literacy lessons to teach students how to find fact amid fiction

04.15.2013 -
Report: Texas falls behind in education, health care

04.15.2013 -
Opinion: Investing in science, math and engineering education is good business

04.15.2013 -
Conversation: Texas education policy and the politics of the Latino majority

04.12.2013 -
View from Tanzania: Books as tools for promoting literacy, status of women

04.11.2013 -
Opinion: At ballot box, education cuts mattered

04.10.2013 -
Financial Literacy Month: Don't forget your kids!

04.10.2013 -
Texas considers backtracking on testing

04.8.2013 -
Khan Academy tackles financial literacy online

04.8.2013 -
Barbara Bush Foundation goes national with launch of 'Love, Read, Learn' baby journal in Michigan

04.8.2013 -
View from India: Financial literacy best way to empower women

04.7.2013 -
20-4-30: Take the pledge to read aloud to your child for 20 minutes every day for the month of April

04.4.2013 -
7 questions to test your financial literacy

04.4.2013 -
Texas Senate bill would train teachers for on-campus gunfights

04.2.2013 -
New study shows US middle-class students badly lagging their peers globally

04.2.2013 -
Survey reveals US high school students lack adequate financial knowledge

04.1.2013 -
Texas Education Agency rules to close North Forest ISD and merge into Houston ISD

03.30.2013 -
Opinion: Texas poised to go backward on education standards

03.29.2013 -
Texas education experts weigh proposals' impact on students

03.28.2013 -
Bush, Kennedy join effort to promote literacy through new awards program

03.28.2013 -
Opinion: Education is backbone of Texans, should be supported financially

03.27.2013 -
Opinion: Houston's workforce not ready for the future

03.27.2013 -
Mayor Annise Parker kicks off Lemonade Day Houston, focusing on financial literacy

03.26.2013 -
Texas House OKs education overhaul

03.24.2013 -
World events suggest need for scientific literacy

03.22.2013 -
Will restored Texas education funding be enough?

03.22.2013 -
Ways to develop your child's financial literacy

03.21.2013 -
Truth Citizens: Media literacy in the digital age

03.21.2013 -
Texas special education programs steel themselves as cuts loom

03.20.2013 -
Sesame Street announces new partnership to support literacy

03.19.2013 -
Partnering for Success! Literacy Advance ESL classes at Clemente Martinez Elementary School go from strength to strength

03.16.2013 -
Opinion: Texas should go local when it comes to education

03.14.2013 -
Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy announces 'Devotedly, Dad' letter writing contest

03.13.2013 -
Texas Education Commissioner responds to testing criticism, releasing STAAR exams early

03.12.2013 -
Congress may divert financial literacy funding to school security

03.11.2013 -
Podcast: Melanie Fisk and Larry Dierker interviewed on The 950 AM

03.11.2013 -
Opinion: Why financial literacy fails

03.11.2013 -
San Antonio launching Financial Empowerment Centers

03.8.2013 -
Focusing on literacy on International Women's Day

03.7.2013 -
Elementary school principal's $12,018 stunt for literacy

03.6.2013 -
Using audiobooks to boost your child's literacy

03.5.2013 -
'Drink for Literacy' all month long at Houston's OKRA Charity Saloon

03.2.2013 -
Health Literacy: 7 tips to better understand your doctor

03.2.2013 -
Little libraries build literacy and community

03.1.2013 -
Texas seeks waiver from 'No Child Left Behind' law

03.1.2013 -
Earlier is better when it comes to financial literacy

03.1.2013 -
Average child watches 5,000 hours of TV before entering kindergarten

02.28.2013 -
Press Release: Literacy Advance of Houston scores 'hole-in-one' with successful Reader Cup

02.28.2013 -
Should Texas follow Florida on education?

02.28.2013 -
Houston Grand Opera promotes literacy through musical theater in elementary schools

02.28.2013 -
Mental Health Literacy: Mental health first aid

02.26.2013 -
Opinion: Media literacy and recognizing gender stereotypes

02.26.2013 -
Gates, Zuckerberg back film pushing computer programming literacy, education

02.25.2013 -
TEALS: A novel way to bring digital literacy to the classroom

02.23.2013 -
At Capitol education rally, tough words for legislature

02.22.2013 -
Texas now 49th in spending on public schools

02.22.2013 -
Reader Cup - Larry Dierker Celebrity Golf Tournament in the Houston Chron

02.21.2013 -
Meet John Wood, one of the world's biggest literacy heroes

02.20.2013 -
Fastest way to conservation is increasing literacy

02.19.2013 -
Latino coalition pushing for Texas education equality

02.19.2013 -
George P. Bush calls for change in Texas education system

02.18.2013 -
Starting new businesses behind bars creates incentive for Texas inmates

02.17.2013 -
New Texas high school graduation standards face hurdles

02.17.2013 -
Infographic: Teaching environmental literacy in schools

02.17.2013 -
Texas Coalition wants more high-school focus on training for advanced jobs

02.15.2013 -
View from Afghanistan: Literacy advocate empowers young storytellers

02.14.2013 -
Houston charter schools plan to grow

02.14.2013 -
View from Russia: Digital literacy courses help Russian village people gain self-esteem and respect

02.14.2013 -
Texas Education: House might restore some education budget cuts

02.12.2013 -
Texas cities fare poorly in measure of literacy

02.12.2013 -
Texas education chief weighs in on testing debate

02.12.2013 -
Opinion: The myth of Texas school funding

02.11.2013 -
Poor health literacy among Latinos linked to increase in antimicrobial resistance

02.11.2013 -
Mathematical Literacy: A necessary skill for the 21st century

02.10.2013 -
Opinion: More money or better schools for Texas?

02.8.2013 -
Former First Lady Barbara Bush answers literacy questions from virtual audience of over 64,000 children

02.8.2013 -
Texas announces sweeping changes to controversial CSCOPE education program

02.8.2013 -
Texas Education Commissioner: Troubled Houston-area school district with state's lowest academic rating should be shut down

02.6.2013 -
Larry Dierker's Golf Tournament promoted on Houston's News 92 FM site

02.4.2013 -
Texas school financing system ruled unconstitutional

02.4.2013 -
Gates Foundation announces $6 million competition for literacy learning technologies

02.4.2013 -
Parental misconceptions about antibiotics linked to poor health literacy levels in Latino population

02.3.2013 -
Texas fight highlights higher education culture clash

02.1.2013 -
Larry Dierker talks to Comcast Newsmakers about tutoring and the Reader Cup

02.1.2013 -
NFL stars promote financial literacy for youth

02.1.2013 -
What's more important: Science literacy or news literacy?

01.30.2013 -
Opinion: Reform in Texas Education: Why we so desperately need it

01.29.2013 -
Texas kids chalk up mixed results on test; generally best results on reading

01.28.2013 -
Opinion: The metric system, the United States of America, and scientific literacy

01.27.2013 -
Texas' high child poverty rate beginning to lead to higher education costs

01.27.2013 -
Newark detective preaches literacy in new anti-gang program

01.25.2013 -
FORE! Larry Dierker and other celebs gather for the 7th annual Reader Cup golf event to benefit Literacy Advance of Houston

01.24.2013 -
Shall I encode thee in DNA? Sonnets stored on double helix

01.24.2013 -
What is literacy? The first three National Ambassadors for Young People's Literature answer

01.23.2013 -
Raising a new generation of readers

01.23.2013 -
Texas legislature to address future higher education funding

01.21.2013 -
Has cursive been written off?

01.19.2013 -
Writing helps children with literacy development

01.18.2013 -
Who's the best speller of them all? Houston Center for Literacy Grown Up Spelling Bee defies convention, brings hot competition

01.17.2013 -
Court told education system is failing Texas businesses

01.17.2013 -
Texas education system in huge distress from lack of attention

01.15.2013 -
A new chapter? San Antonio launches bookless library

01.13.2013 -
Low literacy skills disproportionately hurt women

01.12.2013 -
Supersizing literacy? UK McDonalds swapping Happy Meal toys for books

01.9.2013 -
Book buddies help young readers make literacy leaps

01.6.2013 -
As Egypt struggles with 27% illiteracy rate, National Women's Council puts literacy on agenda

01.4.2013 -
Schoolgirl shot by Taliban well enough to leave hospital

01.4.2013 -
Researchers: Online commenters impair readers' scientific literacy

01.3.2013 -
A Woman's Journey: Helping bring literacy to Tanzanian children

01.2.2013 -
San Antonio leads in teaching financial literacy

01.1.2013 -
Teaching the iGeneration: Going beyond digital literacy

12.28.2012 -
Literacy an obstacle for some seeking 'Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals'

12.26.2012 -
Little Free Libraries promote literacy and community

12.24.2012 -
Food literacy group sends students home with bags of produce

12.24.2012 -
Principal uses closed caption TV for literacy

12.24.2012 -
Crunching the numbers of early literacy

12.20.2012 -
Literacy Advance announced as winner of national mission statement competition

12.19.2012 -
How to promote literacy skills in the digital age

12.19.2012 -
Picture Perfect: Teaching to visual literacy

12.14.2012 -
Information Literacy in the Workplace: Novice engineers can't leave learning in the dorm room

12.13.2012 -
Reading to dogs boosts pupils' confidence, literacy

12.13.2012 -
The more you know: Health literacy is vital for patient health

12.13.2012 -
Texas takes another top business honor, but national mag wonders if the focus makes education suffer

12.12.2012 -
Mexican-American children excel socially, lag behind in pre-literacy skills

12.12.2012 -
Houston moms' group turns contest loss into win for local library

12.12.2012 -
View from England: How do you boost literacy in your school?

12.12.2012 -
Oprah's book club turns over new page

12.12.2012 -
Energy Literacy: A photo gallery

12.11.2012 -
Reports assess global student achievement in math, science and reading literacy

12.10.2012 -
Opinion: Coding is 21st century literacy

12.9.2012 -
Medical interpreters help patients, doctors communicate

12.8.2012 -
Dolly Parton: Singer, actress, literacy promoter

12.7.2012 -
Yamaguchi's foundation launches 'Always Reading' early childhood literacy program

12.6.2012 -
US Library of Congress to fund literacy awards with $1.5M gift

12.5.2012 -
Punishable by death: The quest for literacy

12.5.2012 -
Houston-area college degrees slowly rise

12.5.2012 -
Program helps parents boost family health literacy

12.5.2012 -
View from Mozambique: First Lady urges men to attend literacy classes; combat country's 44% illiteracy rate

12.4.2012 -
Another schoolgirl shot by Taliban - this time fatally

12.4.2012 -
Could selling a used book become illegal?

12.3.2012 -
BBC: Downward mobility haunts US education

12.3.2012 -
Smart Cities: Houston, we've got an opportunity here

12.3.2012 -
Science literacy and the polarized politics of climate change

11.30.2012 -
Letter from Jamaica: Train all teachers in literacy instruction

11.29.2012 -
View from Kenya: Financial literacy enriches a society

11.29.2012 -
View from Pakistan: Low literacy major hurdle for women to exercise their legal rights

11.27.2012 -
New Americans and the digital literacy gap

11.27.2012 -
India's president says lack of literacy biggest problem facing his country

11.26.2012 -
Harvard releases early literacy resources for policymakers, one memo at a time

11.24.2012 -
National Family Literacy Month: Literacy tips for parents

11.23.2012 -
Giving back for literacy and a better world

11.20.2012 -
Financial literacy and college persistence

11.20.2012 -
Afghanistan's journey to literacy

11.20.2012 -
Houston chalk street art draws creative attention

11.19.2012 -
Teaching reading behind bars

11.19.2012 -
E-books advance literacy in Africa

11.19.2012 -
New curriculum resources support student learning in Houston ISD schools

11.16.2012 -
NBCLatino: Literacy skills start with your baby

11.16.2012 -
Gender influences mental health literacy

11.15.2012 -
Literacy Advance mourns the passing of former Board member and supporter Bill Linden

11.14.2012 -
Afghan women learn literacy through mobile phones

11.13.2012 -
Literacy instruction expected to cross disciplines

11.13.2012 -
The current state of literacy in America

11.13.2012 -
Code Literacy: A 21st-century requirement?

11.12.2012 -
AMA: Low health literacy costing healthcare system more than $300 billion annually

11.12.2012 -
Bank scandals can aid financial literacy

11.9.2012 -
Pre-purchase classes highlight need for homebuyer literacy

11.8.2012 -
National Family Literacy Month: Time to bring back reading as a family

11.8.2012 -
Houston ISD board eyes incentive pay for reading intervention teachers

11.8.2012 -
Digital literacy becomes core skill for small business employees

11.7.2012 -
Literacy push opens new chapters for young readers

11.7.2012 -
Using technology to promote health literacy

11.6.2012 -
Ms. Lori Donley appointed Executive Director of Literacy Texas

11.5.2012 -
Podcast: Literacy, volunteers and Houston's future

11.4.2012 -
Study: New tech creating 'distracted generation with short attention spans'

11.4.2012 -
Hurricane Sandy and media literacy

11.3.2012 -
National Family Literacy Month: How true are assumptions about kids and screen time?

11.3.2012 -
Opinion: Nurturing literacy from an early age

11.2.2012 -
Boost to health literacy: A new look for prescription drug labels

11.1.2012 -
Low political literacy means need for more education in civics, economics

11.1.2012 -
Opinion: Houston literacy rate too low

10.30.2012 -
View from Rwanda: Learning and the power of reading

10.29.2012 -
7th annual Reader Cup golf event slated for Monday, February 25, 2013 at BlackHorse Golf Club

10.29.2012 -
Teen pregnancy linked to pre-teen literacy levels

10.29.2012 -
796 million people worldwide lack basic literacy skills

10.29.2012 -
On the reservation: Balancing literacy and the oral tradition

10.28.2012 -
Opinion: Financial literacy requires questioning mind

10.27.2012 -
View from Canada: Physical literacy is open book to fitness

10.27.2012 -
Could college basketball be answer to literacy in second and third world countries?

10.26.2012 -
Houston's District B challenge: low grad rates

10.26.2012 -
Audible to donate to literacy programs for free download of Neil Gaiman's Halloween short story

10.23.2012 -
'Leisure literacy': A bullying antidote?

10.22.2012 -
Colleges promote debt literacy, aiming to cut down on loan defaults

10.22.2012 -
What your organization writes and how it speaks really matters

10.20.2012 -
Neil deGrasse Tyson tweets for science literacy

10.20.2012 -
View from Australia: 'Inextricable link between health literacy and wellbeing'

10.19.2012 -
At One Young World summit, education is 'key for everything'

10.19.2012 -
Amarillo's Open Book Festival benefits library's literacy programs

10.18.2012 -
Report: Books change how a child's brain grows

10.18.2012 -
View from Malaysia: The priceless gift of literacy

10.17.2012 -
Library spending cuts will harm literacy rates

10.17.2012 -
Math literacy startup makes competition finals

10.16.2012 -
Christie Lynn Smith promotes childhood literacy, talks motherhood

10.16.2012 -
Vive tu Vida: Research and event focus on health in Hispanic community

10.16.2012 -
Opinion: Time for a radical shake-up in education

10.15.2012 -
National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators supports expanded tools for financial literacy and empowerment

10.15.2012 -
Health Literacy: No question is too stupid for your doctor

10.13.2012 -
Former President Bush's daughter speaks out for literacy

10.13.2012 -
Deep Learning: Pursuing questions that are important, intriguing, or just beautiful

10.11.2012 -
Literacy Advance Board President wins national recognition for HR innovations

10.11.2012 -
Questions = Financial Literacy

10.11.2012 -
NASCAR drivers promote literacy

10.10.2012 -
'Persistent pattern of environmental ignorance' - a golfer talks ecological literacy

10.10.2012 -
Climate Science and Science Literacy: The strange divergence

10.9.2012 -
Health Literacy: First universal standards guiding content, appearance of prescription container labels

10.8.2012 -
Treehouse heralds an age of digital literacy, no degree required

10.6.2012 -
99-year-old literacy teacher making a difference

10.5.2012 -
Professional Holiday Photo Shoot announced - $75 fee waived once again

10.5.2012 -
Mental illness and limited literacy

10.5.2012 -
Opinion: Rethinking IT literacy

10.5.2012 -
Opinion: Media literacy in the digital age

10.5.2012 -
$20K competition encourages innovation in braille and tactile literacy for the blind

10.4.2012 -
View from Rwanda: Financial literacy game launched in schools

10.4.2012 -
View from Canada: Are our youth financially literate?

10.3.2012 -
Informational Text, or: How thinly can you slice the salami

10.2.2012 -
New from Brookings Institution: Can academic standards boost literacy and close achievement gap?

10.2.2012 -
Doctors, nurses and others learn to better communicate at health-literacy conference

10.2.2012 -
Houston's Walking Toward Literacy event to be held Saturday, October 27

10.1.2012 -
Celebrating Banned Books Week

10.1.2012 -
Governor Rick Perry declares October 2012 Information Literacy Awareness Month in Texas

09.30.2012 -
Millions to celebrate literacy with 'Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad'

09.29.2012 -
Opinion: Volunteers can be the difference for adult literacy students

09.29.2012 -
Top 10 money tips to achieve financial literacy

09.28.2012 -
World View: Literacy skills aid in scientific creativity

09.28.2012 -
US Education Department awards $28 million to boost literacy skills for low-income students

09.27.2012 -
World View: Promote literacy to enhance peaceful coexistence in Ghana

09.27.2012 -
Opinion: Defining 21st-century literacy

09.25.2012 -
Digital literacy: Into the cloud

09.25.2012 -
Third Grade Redux: Does holding struggling readers back build literacy?

09.24.2012 -
Opinion: iPhone or textbook? What literacy means today

09.24.2012 -
Neil deGrasse Tyson on scientific literacy, education, and the poetry of the cosmos

09.24.2012 -
What is digital literacy and how has it changed your child's classroom?

09.24.2012 -
Opinion: Educate the adult work force

09.23.2012 -
Why CIOs desperately need a technology-literate society

09.23.2012 -
Word on the Street: Parents teach children the value of reading

09.23.2012 -
Education enrichment: Building literacy at home

09.22.2012 -
Community approach helps increase literacy

09.21.2012 -
With literacy and justice for all?

09.21.2012 -
National Literacy Month: Mind the (language) gap

09.21.2012 -
World View: Adult literacy will help cut work accidents

09.21.2012 -
Fostering an appetite for food literacy

09.20.2012 -
United Way and Houston Texans announce 'Readers Do Something About It' reading rally and book drive

09.20.2012 -
Census: One quarter of Houstonians now live in poverty; 38% are children

09.19.2012 -
Houston education director honored with national award

09.19.2012 -
UNESCO: New chapter for literacy with Global Partnership for Girls' and Women's Education

09.16.2012 -
H-E-B kicks off book drive with literary fiesta event

09.15.2012 -
CultureMap Houston: 'Scrabble gone wild'

09.15.2012 -
View from Zambia: Room to Read pledges resources towards improved literacy

09.14.2012 -
Press Release: S-U-C-C-E-S-S for sold-out Scrabble and the City event

09.13.2012 -
Scrabble and the City listed as a 'don't miss' event on CultureMap Houston

09.12.2012 -
Literacy Advance welcomes new staff to Programs Team

09.11.2012 -
H-E-B Cake-Off has 'literacy' theme

09.10.2012 -
Opinion: Too many live in a world without words

09.10.2012 -
Building Blocks for an Educated Workforce: Teaching and validating digital literacy skills

09.10.2012 -
Infographic: Why jobs remain unfilled even though unemployment is high

09.9.2012 -
For International Literacy Day, UN flags key role of reading and writing in global peace

09.9.2012 -
Literacy Day: 10 celebs share the best book they've ever read

09.8.2012 -
International Literacy Day: Is education feasible for all by 2015?

09.8.2012 -
International Literacy Day: Literacy is key to unlocking the cycle of poverty

09.8.2012 -
World Literacy Day: Giving all kids a chance

09.7.2012 -
View from Washington: Literacy is the keystone in the arch of an education

09.7.2012 -
Transformation in Rwanda: Literacy is a gift that goes beyond reading

09.7.2012 -
USAID announces 32 innovations to improve child literacy at International Literacy Day event

09.6.2012 -
Why family literacy matters: Impact on America's next generation

09.6.2012 -
Publishers back African literacy effort with e-books

09.6.2012 -
Ask the Expert: Literacy in Latin America

09.5.2012 -
How mothers' literacy skills, even at basic level, translate into healthier kids

09.5.2012 -
World Literacy Day 2012: Literacy supports peace, development

09.5.2012 -
Opinion: Why media literacy is so important for kids today

09.5.2012 -
19 alarming things we learned about financial literacy in America

09.4.2012 -
Kicking off International Literacy Month

09.4.2012 -
5 ways to develop climate literacy

09.4.2012 -
'Bess the Book Bus' is driven by literacy

09.4.2012 -
View from Houston: We must invest in pre-K

08.31.2012 -
US high schoolers get another F in financial literacy, new study shows

08.31.2012 -
90 million adults in the US have difficulty understanding health information

08.30.2012 -
View from Houston: Success in school depends to large degree on parents

08.29.2012 -
Houston economy faces steep shortfall in educated workers

08.28.2012 -
WIN tickets to Scrabble and the City and play a round with CultureMap Houston!

08.28.2012 -
Opinion: Being a digital native isn't enough

08.26.2012 -
TED Radio Hour: Building a better classroom

08.26.2012 -
HISD aims to set weak readers on track

08.24.2012 -
Opinion: America is starving its future

08.22.2012 -
World View: Bhutan, Colombia, Indonesia and Rwanda awarded UNESCO International Literacy prizes

08.21.2012 -
Is our foundation of literacy crumbling?

08.20.2012 -
Plenty of jobs, but lack of skills

08.20.2012 -
Houston Girl Scout promotes childhood literacy to earn Gold Award

08.17.2012 -
Opinion: International Literacy Day, September 8, is caught in a web of jargon

08.17.2012 -
Olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi talks skating and literacy

08.16.2012 -
Press Release: Fleming's confirmed as caterer for Scrabble and the City 2012

08.15.2012 -
How the US can get back in the literacy game

08.15.2012 -
World View: Most children in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya fail literacy and numeracy tests

08.14.2012 -
Literacy Advance one of just 3 literacy agencies profiled in national Giving Library project

08.13.2012 -
Opinion: Why absolutely everyone needs to be software literate

08.13.2012 -
World View: Raising reading levels in Canada won't be cheap

08.12.2012 -
Reading as a civil right: Expanding the lens of literacy in an era of reform

08.12.2012 -
World View: The power of literacy in Indonesia's independence

08.12.2012 -
World View: Harnessing the potential of social networking for literacy development in South Africa

08.10.2012 -
5 effective ways to promote literacy and learning through music

08.9.2012 -
Financial literacy tied to productivity

08.9.2012 - launches brand new Information Literacy program

08.8.2012 -
Texting eroding tweens' literacy skills, says study

08.7.2012 -
NPR Listener Poll: 100 best-ever teen novels

08.6.2012 -
Dr Seuss literacy exhibit coming to Springfield, MA

08.4.2012 -
Estimated 77 million US adults have trouble understanding basic health info

08.4.2012 -
Official: State education focus on standardized testing hurts job market

08.2.2012 -
Segregation by income in Houston is among the starkest in US

08.1.2012 -
Literacy illuminates in central Texas

08.1.2012 -
Financial Literacy Snapshot: How the poor, the middle class and the rich spend their money

07.28.2012 -
Horse tales help increase literacy

07.28.2012 -
Author would like to see web literacy join the 3 R's at school

07.27.2012 -
Opinion: Restart economy by stopping illiteracy

07.27.2012 -
El Paso literacy program dedicates 4,200 books to newborns

07.25.2012 -
Opinion: Free speech must go hand in hand with media literacy

07.25.2012 -
Radical Pedagogy: Literacy for children with disabilities

07.24.2012 -
Opinion: Crucial to integrate STEM and literacy

07.23.2012 -
Lego's national literacy program tour to stop in Houston: July 27 - 28

07.23.2012 -
Getting past the catch-22 of digital literacy

07.21.2012 -
Opinion: 'We've allowed our news literacy to atrophy'

07.19.2012 -
Press Release: Expanding Literacy Services in Houston

07.19.2012 -
Teaching your kids financial literacy

07.18.2012 -
Facebook game subtly teaches 20-somethings financial literacy

07.17.2012 -
Health Literacy: Disagreeing with your doctor is harder than it seems

07.17.2012 -
Opinion: Summer is making US kids 'dumber and fatter'

07.16.2012 -
The Book Truck: Mobile library hits Mexico City's streets

07.16.2012 -
New partnership to address digital literacy and job skills gap

07.14.2012 -
2011 Annual Statistical Report on the GED Test released

07.13.2012 -
Little Free Libraries help promote literacy

07.12.2012 -
Archie Comics co-CEO sees comic book as viable tool in building literacy and a love of reading

07.11.2012 -
Literacy begins at home, well before school bell

07.11.2012 -
Is there a right to literacy? ACLU sues Michigan over 'right to learn to read'

07.10.2012 -
For manufacturing jobs, US workers brush up on math

07.8.2012 -
Understanding financial literacy to improve your life

07.6.2012 -
Risk Literacy: 'Professionals today have a dangerously poor understanding of statistics'

07.5.2012 -
World View: UK's Guardian tells how schools can combat the summer literacy dip

07.5.2012 -
The challenge of filling out social service forms, without digital literacy

07.4.2012 -
World View: Literacy program flourishes in Khwaja Ghar, Afghanistan

07.1.2012 -
Fight kids' summer brain-drain with free virtual 'camp'

06.30.2012 -
Summer of Read. Write. Win: H-E-B giving scholarships to young Texans

06.29.2012 -
Games can improve employee health literacy

06.29.2012 -
Women fall behind in financial literacy

06.29.2012 -
World Literacy Foundation and Budding Reader to send thousands of e-books to developing world

06.27.2012 -
Finding the write stuff: Science teacher puts on her literacy hat

06.22.2012 -
Literacy Advance student named Literacy Texas Adult Learner of the Year

06.21.2012 -
Scientific Literacy: Where do you stop?

06.21.2012 -
Houston charter school YES Prep wins national excellence award

06.18.2012 -
In Texas, working poor families struggle to get ahead

06.18.2012 -
Macy's kicks off summer campaign for literacy

06.17.2012 -
World View: Literacy can be first step out of despair

06.17.2012 -
Book by teens in custody aims to help kids escape the cycle of crime

06.16.2012 -
Opinion: Inspiring food literacy through the 'Nourish' project

06.16.2012 -
World View: Keeping kids literate without books

06.15.2012 -
Financial literacy critical for kids

06.7.2012 -
Houston charities rank No. 1 in national study of financial accountability

06.7.2012 -
Forces literacy training 'sets an example'

06.5.2012 -
World View: New literacy and girls empowerment program brings change to Ghana

06.4.2012 -
knowonder! App improves child literacy with free, original daily content for parents

05.31.2012 -
World Education Blog: Literacy rates are rising, but not fast enough

05.30.2012 -
Literacy for Little Ones: 15-year-old's project sees book packs donated to 2,000 newborns thus far

05.30.2012 -
Childhood vision care affects literacy

05.30.2012 -
World View: Motivation and self-confidence vital to childhood literacy, reports find

05.29.2012 -
Literacy student keeps plugging away to earn GED

05.29.2012 -
Enhanced e-books don't enhance literacy: well, duh

05.27.2012 -
Illiteracy affects everyone

05.23.2012 -
Juneteenth celebration in Galveston: Donate a book to promote literacy

05.22.2012 -
Katy group touts 'Book Alive!' literacy program

05.21.2012 -
Literacy Advance of Houston prepares for Scrabble and the City event

05.21.2012 -
Study shows Congress speaks at literacy level of high school sophomores

05.21.2012 -
Free bicycles help keep girls in school in poor Indian state, giving hope for better literacy

05.21.2012 -
Footballs and literacy change lives for Afghan women

05.17.2012 -
Computer programming for all: A new standard of literacy

05.17.2012 -
Literacy erases shame, brings hope

05.16.2012 -
Financial Literacy to the rescue! Marvel comic promotes good money management

05.15.2012 -
Reading in American schools: Will Common Core State Standards improve literacy?

05.14.2012 -
Literacy program highlights value of men reading to children

05.14.2012 -
Financial knowledge can be economic destiny

05.10.2012 -
The importance of literacy: A Q + A with author Walter Dean Myers

05.9.2012 -
Learning a new language on location

05.5.2012 -
H-E-B's chief walks the walk on education

05.5.2012 -
Poor literacy skills plague workplaces

05.3.2012 -
Literacy Advance awarded 'Winner of Distinction' by Better Business Bureau

05.2.2012 -
Keeping informed about the dropout crisis

04.25.2012 -
Literacy Advance to benefit from first annual Office Olympics

04.22.2012 -
On a $1.9 million night, Barbara Bush hands over the reins to Celebration of Reading

04.9.2012 -
Scrabble and the City preparations in full swing

04.7.2012 -
Why does Houston, land of millionaires, have so many kids in poverty? City criticized for contrast

03.30.2012 -
Texas needs skilled workers to drive growth

03.24.2012 -
Driver's school bus reading program impacts literacy and behavior

03.19.2012 -
Report: Texas high school graduation rates rising

03.8.2012 -
Year-End Fundraising Appeal success launches Literacy Advance into 2012 with great celebration

02.28.2012 -
Literacy Advance scores a hole in one with Reader Cup

02.24.2012 -
Reader Cup - Larry and guests tee off Monday, February 27

02.20.2012 -
What is literacy? (And why is it so important?)

02.17.2012 -
Dierker hits the books - and the links - for a worthy cause

02.10.2012 -
Exclusive - Larry Dierker golf shirts available for a limited time

02.9.2012 -
Education gap grows between rich and poor, studies say

02.3.2012 -
Former Astros manager Larry Dierker grew to love reading

01.31.2012 -
"Opening Opportunities" - Literacy Advance on Groupon Jan 31 - Feb 2

01.25.2012 -
Washington, D.C. ranked the most literate city in the U.S... Houston #60

01.19.2012 -
Scion will open door for literacy at Houston Auto Show

01.9.2012 -
Volunteer tutor Larry Dierker talks Astros to 1560

01.2.2012 -
Larry Dierker to host celebrity golf tournament in aid of literacy in Houston

12.16.2011 -
Larry Dierker to swing a putter on February 27, 2012, to benefit Literacy Advance

12.15.2011 -
New Literacy Advance video now available on website

11.30.2011 -
Insults fly at lighthearted roast of Larry Dierker

11.28.2011 -
Literacy is the key to unlocking children's potential

11.15.2011 -
Professional Holiday Photo Shoot announced: $75 fee waived, donations instead to Literacy Advance

11.4.2011 -
Barbara Bush announces new leadership of family literacy foundation, at USCAL conference in Houston

11.2.2011 -
Literacy Advance turns a page; names Melanie Fisk new Executive Director

10.17.2011 -
Game Changers for Literacy

10.3.2011 -
A Houston community unites for literacy

09.20.2011 -
Literacy Advance honors Comcast and John Bourke as "Champions of Literacy"

08.25.2011 -
Literacy Advance volunteer wins Halliburton Hometown Hero Award

07.28.2011 -
Spellbound at Scrabble and the City!

07.11.2011 -
Scrabble and the City Promotes Literacy Advance

01.7.2011 -
5th Annual Larry Dierker “My Team” Celebrity Golf Tournament

12.31.2010 -
Lester Benton, Literacy Advance learner, speaks at The Celebration of Reading in The Houston Chronicle

10.20.2010 -
Literacy Advance awarded re-accreditation through ProLiteracy

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